Up to 90% of the material that we throw away is recoverable. Someone somewhere has the imagination and the ingenuity to turn this rubbish into a resource.

Welcome to REMATERIALISE a unique, sustainable materials library and online resource, offering innovative material solutions which can have both economic benefits and less environmental impact. Based upon research initiated in 1994 by Jakki Dehn M.Des.RCA; Reader in Sustainable Design at Kingston University and funded in 2003 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the REMATERIALISE library now houses over 1,200 materials which either use less non renewable resources or come from renewable resources.

On this site you can explore an extensive range of materials from around the world, coming from many unexpected sources, including scallop shells, currency, mobile phones, aeroplane windscreens and nettle fibres.

You can find out more about the material services offered by Kingston University including visiting the physical library and keep up to date with the latest news from the resource and the material sector as a whole.