Our Vision

The Rematerialise vision is to compile and maintain a versatile collection of materials, which by their very nature provide a range of environmentally responsible alternatives to other resource hungry materials. By tapping into both post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams, scrap and refuse otherwise destined for landfill is recycled and reused, reducing waste and saving natural resources. The library contains a growing collection of materials that use less non-renewable resources with a high recycled content, materials that are renewable and sustainably harvested and materials that have been previously overlooked and underutilised.

All the materials in the library are currently in production and it has been interesting to see how the development of these new materials has created new employment opportunities and in turn supported local communities.

We make every effort to avoid 'the ethical stance'. There is rarely such thing as a universally sustainable material and we try to remain aware of this when selecting new materials for the collection. Each material has been selected in the belief that it is a less damaging alternative.
If you would like to know more about the REMATERIALISE project, you can email us with your questions and comments. Our Vision