Materials Consultancy and Workshops

Today it is vital for Architects,Designers, Specifiers and Manufacturers to understand the environmental implications of their work. Environmental legislation places a particular emphasis on the use and disposal of materials. Case studies developed by the REMATERIALISE team show how using recycled materials has made economic and therefore sound business sense.

The team receives a significant number of requests for help with the use of materials and can offer consultancy for both commercial and educational institutions including:

Small group or individual visits to the REMATERIALISEsustainable materials library.

Presentations about the creative and economic potential of the materials within the REMATERIALISE library.

Reports detailing a range of materials for specific purposes, including environmental benefits, material content, contact details, costs and full technical specification.

Quarterly updates on the materials before they are uploaded onto the website

Materials workshops with industry and education.

Please contact the team to find out more.

Materials Consultancy and workshops